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    This is the third interview that L2D has preformed and it's none other then Scholl Concepts, hopefully all of you enjoy the interview and a huge thank you to the Board of Directors for getting this one.

    Hallo Frank, ich danke Ihnen und Ihrem Team Chemiker so viel für die Zeit nehmen, unsere Fragen für die Leser des Live2Detail beantworten!

    1. When did Scholl Concepts begin creating car care products?
    SCHOLL Concepts was founded in 1962 by Roland Scholl, who was trading car care products and is still does to this date. In the mid-1990s, Frank Scholl, who is managing the company in the second generation, started out creating and developing polishes and pads for the OEM-Industry in cooperation with our ...
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    Well here is the second interview and this time it's with yet another extremely influential company that has made a large impact in the detailing world. Thanks to Corey (CEE DOG) this interview become a reality and with that said here is the interview.

    Hi Thomas, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions and allow us to share this interview with all of the readers of Live2Detail!

    1. What made you decide to create the Microfiber Madness line of products and get into this side of the industry?

    This question is asked often and it’s easy to answer: We have been in the detailing business more than 10 years. We also run a car care shop and do professional car detailing. We always had issues with the tools we used, especially with Microfiber products. So, the idea was to create products WE personally want to use and which are – in our point of view and with our experience – best in class. That’s how the idea was born and the first footsteps have been made in the “Microfiber business”.

    2. Do Microfiber Madness employees throw away all cotton fabrics in their house and surround ...
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    Hi guys,

    Well the upgrades have taken place and with that said, I welcome you all to the new L2D! There is still a bit of work to be done and most importantly there is lots for me to learn, but one of the new features (well one of the many) is this section called "Need2Know". The purpose of this section is to provide the community with informative and engaging topics that interest us all, from the professional detailers to the enthusiast detailers and most importantly to those that simply just like to browse the site.

    So what could I possible come up with that will interest you? Well one of the things that I have always wanted to see is the little guy talking face to face ...
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    I was actually supposed to do this car last fall, but we couldn't make it, better late than never! This car ...
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