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    L2D interviews Menzerna (Germany)

    Created by Published on 11-16-2013 04:03 AM

    Hi guys,

    Well the upgrades have taken place and with that said, I welcome you all to the new L2D! There is still a bit of work to be done and most importantly there is lots for me to learn, but one of the new features (well one of the many) is this section called "Need2Know". The purpose of this section is to provide the community with informative and engaging topics that interest us all, from the professional detailers to the enthusiast detailers and most importantly to those that simply just like to browse the site.

    So what could I possible come up with that will interest you? Well one of the things that I have always wanted to see is the little guy talking face to face with a giant! Bold statement isn't it, well since I began my detailing journey I have used a large and vast amount of detailing products. After several years of trial and error on a large amount of detailing products, I have now homed in on products that work for me and most impotently, I have learned to trust and appreciate what manufacturers do to the auto detailing industry. So this lead me to the following question "I wonder if the manufactures would be interested on a sit down with me (L2D) and allowing me to ask any question I want?". Well, I'm thrilled to inform you that one of my favourite manufacture was kind enough to entertain my gesture and I was completely blown away to the response I received.

    With that said, I'm thrilled to post the very first interview with a manufacture. Not just any manufacture but Menzerna of Germany!

    1. Anybody who is in the auto detailing industry knows about Menzerna but what I find interesting is that Menzerna products are not just for automotive paint, I’ve read that Menzerna polishing products are also used on all kinds of finishing surfaces could you please elaborate on the range of products that Menzerna offers?

    Menzerna offers a wide range of products having its beginnings in the jewellery industry. Besides the polishes very well known for the automotive industry Menzerna also offers products used in the wood, metal working industry and for music instruments. The product range varies from polishes, emulsions and solid pastes to accessory products such as polishing pads and delivery systems.

    2. Is it true that Menzerna offers products for the Dentistry industry?

    Yes, this is true. In the dentistry field nearly the same products are used as in the jewelry industry as the materials are similarly sensitive.

    3. Menzerna is recognized globally but how did Menzerna start off? What were the origins of Menzerna and where?

    Menzerna was founded now more than 100 years ago. Friedrich Menzer started with the company in 1888 in Pforzheim, a city between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, where Margrave Karl Friedrich of Baden founded in 1767 the german jewelry and watch industry. Due to this the city became famous what also refers to the nickname “City of Gold” or “Gold, Jewellery and Watch City” and provided a good start for Menzerna.

    4. How has Menzerna evolved over the years/decades?

    Menzerna started as a small organization producing solid pastes for the jewelry industry. This is now more than 100 years ago. In the meantime the company has grown to an innovative international corporation. We have worldwide network of subsidiaries and dealers. Our distributors have access to our central application engineering, training programs and marketing support. High performance products and logistics in combination with comprehensive dealer support create a win-win situation.

    5. With the advancements of technology what plans does Menzerna have to keep up with demand and the constant evolution of the auto industry?

    At Menzerna we are never idle. Paint systems and abrasives are always changing, requiring new solutions. Therefore our developers are constantly working to improve the polishing minerals and other ingredients. We are working closely with clear coat manufacturers for the automotive industry. From that collaboration we develop polishing compounds that meet the high standards of automobile OEM customers.

    6. Is it possible to know what new and upcoming products Menzerna will be unveiling to the public in the next few months?

    We have just introduced two new polishes and a liquid matt treatment to the market and our range of automotive trade products. These three newcomers are the perfect addition to the existing range of products and provide many advantages. But we don’t go to sleep. 35 % of our revenues are generated by products which did not exist five years ago. So be sure, there will be new products from Menzerna.

    7. If you could recommend only one Menzerna polishing product to an auto detailer to use which product would that be?

    This would be our brand-new developed Fast Gloss FG400. It is an abrasive polish composed of newly-developed polishing minerals and an innovative bonding agent that ensures the crystals are applied with optimum results. It removes marks of grit 1,200, as well as traces of use within 30 seconds. But the real time-saver is the one-stage polishing process. Two-stage prepolish and finishing processes are a thing of the past! FG 400 provides a mirror-finish in a single step – even on dark paints.

    8. How many employees work at Menzerna head office?

    In total these are about 50 employees all over the world.

    9. Are there any pictures available of the Menzerna manufacturing plant? (We all assume a large laboratory style of warehouse with some big, enormous tanks filled with chemicals…but that’s just my imagination)

    Your imagination is completely right. Currently we are in the final stages of completing a company video about Menzerna, which will be available by the end of September on our website. This video gives a first impression of our production, the building and how we’re working at Menzerna.

    10. Does Menzerna’s head office have there own auto detailers?

    No, we don’t. But we are in good contact with customers like garages and paint shops helping us with corresponding spare parts.

    11. Has Menzerna ever considered an auto detailing seminar? (i.e. Menzerna employees physically show auto detailers how their products should be used)

    No, we’re not only thinking about seminars, we are offering them. The new possible dates for them will be soon communicated on our website.

    12. Has Menzerna ever considered having a tour of their facilities/site? (If someone decides to go on holidays to “Menzerna land” could one knock on the door and say “Could I have a tour?”). Well again, at L2D we’re borderline obsessed with detailing vehicles.

    We are proud of our company, our products and the work that we do every day. As part of the above-mentioned application trainings, we also offer on request a small tour of our laboratory and production.

    13. Do employees of Menzerna keep their vehicles spotless and shiny?

    Yes, for sure.

    14. Are Menzerna employees given products to take home and try?

    Yes, sometimes our employees tested our products directly on their own. Since the completion of our Tech Academy in April last year we internally have the latest testing facilities and modern equipment to make sure that our products meet the customer requirements.

    15. Who does all the testing of the Menzerna products? How does one become a tester of Menzerna products? There are plenty of Canadians who would be willing to test your products…just throwing it out there.

    First of all every newly developed product is seriously applied and internally subjected to a number of tests before ever sent to any external customer. Then, to get a first external feedback, we are in the fortunate position to have a circle of trusting customers, with whom we already have years of business and who can be visited by one of our Sales Manager to test the product together. In this way, any discrepancies or amendments are detected immediately and directly used in further development steps.

    16. Who created Menzerna?

    Please see therefore answer to question n° 3.

    17. If Menzerna had a gender what gender would Menzerna be? Male or Female? (This one is supposed to be a funny question, there is lots of humor at L2D)

    Definitely male! No, seriously. At Menzerna we have a wonderful mix of male and female, young and experienced employees. A lot of them are already more than ten years part of this company. But we also take the chance to train and educate young people. That's a good combination of experiences and wind of change, which is also reflected in our customer satisfaction.

    18. What was the very first Menzerna product created? What was its purpose?

    When Menzerna originally started with the production for the jewellery industry, one of the first products has been a solid paste called Chamois. This product is still part of the Menzerna family and is especially used for any gold alloy like yellow, white and rose gold. The special feature of the product is that its dry formulation makes it easy to identify, which parts have already been polished. Moreover, it achieves a wonderful gloss to precious metals.

    19. How does Menzerna share information to the public? (what sort of media does Menzerna use to spread the word world wide)

    News about new products, fair participations or new press articles which are interesting for a lot of users and customers are communicated on our website. Other customer specified information is directly communicated personally by our Sales Managers or also by informing the customers by mail or phone. We always try to contact the customer, depending on the information, in the best possible way.

    20. How can one find out more about Menzerna?

    Everyone can find a multitude of information by visiting our newly designed website . It also contains a number of different documents, technical data sheets and pictures for downloading. But if any questions can’t be answered we are happy about the users filling out the contact form and sending it to us. Every serious request will be answered by Menzerna in the earliest possible time.

    21. Last question but extremely important, if Menzerna was a person what kind of alcohol would Menzerna consume? (Again, this is a hypothetical question and the intentions are to be funny and provide humor to the interview)

    If Menzerna would be a person drinking alcohol – for sure only for special occasions – then it would be a very special whisky or red wine. Both are getting better and better the older they get. And for both the quality is dramatically depending on the right ingredients and the experiences of the manufacturer comparable to our products.

    I hope you all enjoyed the interview and as you may have noticed my intensions with this interview was to have the little person (in this case L2D) sit down with a very large and influential manufacture and discuss what unites us all here at L2D, detailing products. The information you see here is not meant to be miss used or miss interpreted, it's a simple honest and friendly sit down.

    With that said I would like to take the opportunity to thank Verena from Menzerna, who was extremely kind to allow me to interview the company.

    Thank you,

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    1. PerfA_ZN0W's Avatar
      PerfA_ZN0W -
      Looking forward to more articles/interview like this. Just when I thought L2D was amazing enough, there's something more
    1. Carlos's Avatar
      Carlos -
      Thank you perfa, really appreciate the feed back and thanks to the L2D Board of Directors there is much more to come.
    1. Cooter's Avatar
      Cooter -
      Thank you Carlos for everything you do!!!

      You can find this great interview on the home page in the featured column on the left hand side of the screen. Check it out!! Its pretty sweet getting answers right from the horses mouth!!
    1. CEE DOG's Avatar
      CEE DOG -
      Absolutely wonderful feature Carlos!!! Brilliant! And great interview
    1. Carlos's Avatar
      Carlos -
      Thank you guys, glad you enjoyed the interview
    1. richy's Avatar
      richy -
      Menzerna as a man would be smoking cigars and drinking whiskey...hmmm...sounds like someone I know, LOL. Great interview Carlos!!!! Kudos, man!
    1. Carlos's Avatar
      Carlos -
      Yea something told me you would like that
    1. ModdedMach's Avatar
      ModdedMach -
      Lol @ rich^

      Ive never smoked a cigar while detailing, i may try that.

      Great interview Carlos!
    1. Carlos's Avatar
      Carlos -
      Glad you enjoyed it ModdedMach and thank you for the feed back

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