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    The reason I'm posting this is because first of all I'm partial to the AMG's but the most important reason is because as I watched the video and if you really listen, you'll notice that the founders of AMG are really no different then the rest of us. I mean yes they are only human but what I mean is that you know how us "weekend" detailers detail for pure passion and enthusiasm well the founders of AMG were no different. The point is, it's amazing to see what dedication and passion will lead to

    Any who just thought the video was worth wile sharing.
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    1. CEE DOG's Avatar
      CEE DOG -
      Pretty cool Carlos! I love the story's of origin and passion like this, always adds a degree of appreciation for me.
    1. Carlos's Avatar
      Carlos -
      I know right, when I saw the video I couldn't help but totally relate to it. Passion, dedication, attention to detail and most importantly doing it out of pure love. So many of us can relate to that and look at them now, one of the best known names in the automotive industry. Just down right awesome!

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