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    L2D Interviews Microfiber Madness

    Created by Published on 12-03-2013 04:28 PM

    Well here is the second interview and this time it's with yet another extremely influential company that has made a large impact in the detailing world. Thanks to Corey (CEE DOG) this interview become a reality and with that said here is the interview.

    Hi Thomas, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions and allow us to share this interview with all of the readers of Live2Detail!

    1. What made you decide to create the Microfiber Madness line of products and get into this side of the industry?

    This question is asked often and it’s easy to answer: We have been in the detailing business more than 10 years. We also run a car care shop and do professional car detailing. We always had issues with the tools we used, especially with Microfiber products. So, the idea was to create products WE personally want to use and which are – in our point of view and with our experience – best in class. That’s how the idea was born and the first footsteps have been made in the “Microfiber business”.

    2. Do Microfiber Madness employees throw away all cotton fabrics in their house and surround themselves with Crazy Pile in each room with Dry Me Crazy for bath towels? ☺

    Haha, funny question! In fact, nearly ALL of our families and friends have been using Microfiber Madness products in their households for years. Especially the Cloudbuster towel which has became “housewife’s favorite”, but we also know that Dry Me Crazy and Slogger towels are used everywhere in households, for example drying the shower walls or dusting glossy surfaces.

    3. What was the very first product Madness created? Did you conceive the majority of the initial line before you began offering products?

    The first product was the Crazy Pile. But we created during that time also the Summit 800. But the first production samples were for the Crazy Pile. We just had a basic idea which towels we wanted to have ready for the launch but all other products have been made step by step.

    4. Can you expand on why you named the towels the names you did? Were there many options you considered?

    Oh yes, the search for the perfect name is always a challenge and tougher as some people would imagine. So in fact, we are doing brainstorming together with our employees and also with good friends who are involved and discuss several ideas. Mostly we take the name most people liked but sometimes I go with the head through the wall and say “THAT’S THE NAME – NO DISCUSSIONS” ;-)

    Finally we usually try to find a good combination between “crazy names” and a true meaning of the word. Look at the Incredimitt. We think this fabric we created is so incredible, that we wanted to use this word. And luckily we can use it in nice combinations like Incredimitt or Incredisponge. “Dry Me Crazy” was based on the song “You drive me crazy” because this soft fabric and the great quality could make people crazy. So we just changed “drive” into “dry” and that’s it ;-)

    5. Why would someone prefer microfiber to a wool mitt?

    This is easy to explain. We agree that a sheepskin mitt is probably the safest and softest material to wash your car. But there are 2 problems:

    1st) Sheepskin / Lambswool is a NATURAL material. You cannot treat it to be resistant against chemicals or even water. So time after time they lose quality till they have to be replaced. This happens usually 1 time per season. Also the care of wool mitts is delicate, you cannot use washer / dryer so you have more extra work to clean them. A microfiber mitt could last years when maintained normally.

    2nd) This is an issue a lot of people cannot imagine. Some people won’t be interested in this, but we are! SheepSKIN means that it's taken from a dead sheep. For sure this is normal and even our grand-grandfathers used this for clothing to keep warm in winter times. Anyway, the worldwide demand for sheepskin products is higher than the quantity of sheep that are killed for meat production. That means: They breed sheep just for the skin production and kill them just for this!

    Beside this, today a lot of the cheap wool / sheepskin production are based in China. Beside that the treatment of the animals is often extremely poor! We don’t want to go to deep because it’s very ugly, but for example it happens often that they sheer the living sheep and even cut away the skin because they didn’t take care during work. This means horrible pains for the animals...

    These are the 2 main reasons why you should make the switch. It’s your choice if you prefer to purchase new mitts repeatedly and if your cars paint stands above the treatment of animals or not. With a premium microfiber mitt you kill both issues and have nearly the same great and safe experience like using a natural product.

    6. It’s the little details that really impress me. On the Incredimitt, what made you think of adding that little strap at the bottom of the mitt?

    You won’t believe it, but we will tell you this funny story: From my point of view, I don’t need this strap inside because I have medium to large hands. My dad, who is a big fan of our Microfiber Madness products, is one of the “first look” testers and said “I am missing a strap that the mitt won’t slip off the hands”. And we said, “No, nobody needs this in our opinion”.

    And – luckily – after we already made the reference mitt and wanted to start the production, I decided to put in a strap, mainly to show that I honor my dad’s ideas…. And it was the best decision I made because EVERBODY with smaller hands is happy about the strap! At the end we always have to keep in mind: Our fathers often know best ☺

    7. How long did it take you to find the right foam for the mitt to make it do exactly what you wanted?

    This is easier than you believe if you choose quality ingredients and don’t look for the cheapest possible price. That’s - by the way - the difference regarding Microfiber Madness: First we want quality – unimportant how complex the production is. After that we try to find (if necessary) cheaper alternative materials.

    In case of the sponge inside of the mitt, the target was similar: A long lasting sponge which can hold much water and is flexible enough to be used in a washmitt. So we are very happy with the material we found….

    8. In today's manufacturing environment, a chief concern of many (if not all) is copyright infringement specifically from less scrupulous Chinese companies and the stores willing to support them. How do you protect trade secrets etc., and is this a valid concern or not? Why?

    This is not an easy question and one of the worst fights you have to fight when you are creating and producing products. And to be honest: You cannot save your ideas, especially when you are offering such common products like “Microfiber Towels”. Even if you could, somebody would just change the color, shape, size or length of fibers and story is over… An ugly example is the well known product “Grit Guard”: It’s protected by patent rights but there are several companies in the last years which have taken this idea, changed the system a little bit and offer it cheaper than the original. Too bad….

    In our case, we know that there are products out there that are similar to some of ours. And we even know companies who personally bought all of our products to re-build them in China. Some of them even with the same color or similar naming – but cheaper price … and…. with some quality differences. ;-) In case of us, we don’t look left and right because we know about the quality and innovations we offer. And finally you have to see this as an honor when someone is copying your products, because nobody would ever copy a bad product ;-)

    The deal is: We don’t offer rocket science but we are focused on usability and QUALITY. Beside this, we believe we have a personal responsibility for fair treatment of workers, fair wages, environment protection and finally our country as an industrial location. We started production in South Korea because workers are treated much better, they earn much more money and finally the result is a better quality than in other Asia countries. For sure, production costs rise up but we cannot accept these poor working conditions in other countries and for sure we want to produce the quality we need!

    At the end, we decided to turn back time and produce products in Germany or if not possible even in Europe, which means an intense raise of costs but also a raise of quality and innovation. You know the first results with our “Incredi” products and more will come step by step.

    So as YOU should be proud of every “Made in USA” product, we are very proud to offer products with the tag “Made in Germany” because also our craftsmanship and inventions are known worldwide in a positive way! For sure, in both cases this means that all customers have to spend more money for the higher production and development costs… but in our point of view, this is OUR WAY and we prove everybody out there our quality standards and ethics.

    9. Do you spend a lot of time and effort on new innovations and testing prototypes of new ideas? Are there a lot of ideas that don’t make it to production?

    Hmm… you guys are asking good questions! First, we spent really lots of time for new products and especially testing prototypes. And also we have a lot of ideas, some of them are so crazy or so special that we already didn’t find time to work them out. But mostly our ideas transform into prototypes and in fact most of them have made it into final production! Beside this, we always try different fabrics, new cutting methods and also those tiny little things just like a new color for the stitching of towel edges… ;-)

    10. Where is your manufacturing facility for your towels? I understand you manufacture Incredimitt and Incredisponge in Germany. For the towels - do you have a single partner for fabrication and production of your microfiber designs?

    In this case, we cannot tell you about in detail because we have to keep some company secrets against our competitors. ;-) We have written a lot about production location in question #8. So actually the TOWELS are completely made in one fabrication in South Korea and all “Incredi” stuff in Germany. Additional several production steps of some towels and the final quality control of EVERY product is also done here in Germany.

    11. Does Microfiber Madness really hand inspect EVERY towel twice before you release to your Authorized Retailers?

    YES WE DO – I promise! Some products are even checked 3 times till they are packed and send to our customers and dealers. It depends on the product and which issues could happen. Funny fact, believe it or not: All Dry Me Crazy towels are HAND SHAKED before packing to remove most of the production based linting! ;-)

    For sure, every man-made control has room for mistakes and for sure in very few cases issues are invisible – a 100% perfect product is impossible. In those single cases every dealer will be happy to solve the problem without any trouble.

    12. For what application would you recommend a Summit 800 over a Crazy Pile Towel?

    At the beginning, we wanted to create the Summit 800 because everybody said “You won’t be able to make an ultrasonic cut edge of a towel with that weight” – so we wanted to prove that it’s possible (and you see: IT IS!). But we also realized that this towel is perfect for soaking up liquids for example when using spray waxes or detailers. The Crazy Pile was created as the perfect “finishing towel” when removing waxes or sealants. For sure, it also works great with sprays but the Summit 800 would be our personal choice in that case.

    13. How does Madness share information to the public? Through your Authorized Retailers? Social Media? Press release, via your website?

    To be honest, our website is always delayed because we have so much stuff to do and finally we forget about updating the site. We changed the website this year so we are now able to react faster and put news on it. Mainly the news are spread through Facebook where we can reach customers AND dealers. For sure we are in direct contact with all of our authorized dealers.

    14. How long does it take for a Microfiber Madness towel to go from concept to final production?

    It depends on the product. For example our wash mitt: To be honest, this was one of our “most wanted products” but together with our production facility we never have been able to create a perfect wash mitt. For sure, we could create a quality like existing wash mitts but that’s not the Microfiber Madness standard because we always want “something special”! So it really took a few YEARS till we could release the Incredimitt! On average it takes up to 1 year until we have made the final prototype and are ready for full production.

    15. I understand you may need to keep some secrets and disregard this question but one of our members asked - What goes into making a towel super soft when compared to other towels of the same weight?

    You are possibly right, we have to keep some secrets. ;-) Anyway, the secret is the special treatment of the fabric, but please understand that we cannot tell you more in that case. To clear up with a common “urban legend”: The fabric weight has no relation with the softness of the product! You can produce a 1000g/m² towel which is very hard if you want and also a 100g/m² towel which is very soft – so it’s all about the final treatment.

    16. What are your primary directions for proper microfiber care (drying, washing)?

    We add a printed care instruction to all of our towels. So we personally test washing and drying before we put it on the instruction sheet. Luckily at present, all products are safe for washer (max 140° F) and dryer (low setting). But always please read the care instructions included in all of our products! Beside this we recommend that every user decides which temperature and cleaning is needed, so for example if you have a drying towel there is not always a need for high temperatures because usually these towels don’t get dirty like a “detailing towel” or a wax towel.

    17. From your perspective as manufacturers, do you utilize microfiber detergent or use a regular “Free and Clear” liquid laundry detergent? Are there any specific chemicals one should be averse to when looking at the chemical compositions of detergents to clean their microfiber with? Is there a brand of microfiber cleaner you recommend?

    We personally have great experiences with the “Micro Restore” detergent. But please feel free to use any other detergent without fabric softeners.

    18. I noticed you mention washing at 140F or below. Some people on the Internet talk about boiling towels. Do they know what they are talking about?

    This is an interesting question. You all know that Microfiber is made of synthetic fibers. They can also shrink if they are not special made so that they do NOT shrink. Usually all of the car care towels don’t have a special “no shrink” treatment so in theory this could happen. We never have experienced any advantage when boiling towels, but we also know customers who do so. MOSTLY it’s no problem but as said, we don’t see any advantage.

    19. Are there any new towels or products to look forward to?

    Yes, we are always developing new products until we don’t have more ideas in our brains – which could take longer ;-) So we have currently 3-4 new products in progress but actually we cannot tell you more about because some of them are very special and if our ideas come true, they will be very unique and impressive so we must shut our lips, sorry! Maybe you should read the following questions… ;-)

    20. I would love to have something about four times the size of the Incredisponge at the end of an extendable paint pole. Is this a possibility in the future?

    This is a good idea and we know that there is some demand for those products especially in the USA. The problem is, that the initial costs for making such a product are very high and if the demand is not high, these costs are never balanced. We will discuss with our production leader about any chances. In the meantime, please provide us (or our distributor in the USA) with details about the threading you have on poles because there is a difference between USA and Germany.

    21. Is there any plan to make an Incredi-pad - (A closed version of the mitt w/o any foam of the sponge)?

    OK, OK! We can tell you / the forum users this as exclusive news!
    YES we are working on a wash pad which will be called “Incredipad”. We had first production samples ready beginning of 2013 but it wasn’t perfect. In the meantime we produced more than 15 production samples for the wash pad, did trials with different sizes and thickness, but it’s still not 100% ready. No one could imagine that this pad would be so hard to produce – but in that case you can see, how much effort we put in our development. At present the final issues are inside the pad, so we are still doing trials with special foams to offer the best possible experience with this item.

    Unfortunately we cannot promise a release date – we hope it will be on the market early 2014.

    22. Will MM make a black towel in the future?

    This is also a common question – especially for different colors. When we were at SEMA 2013 we learned a lot about how some people separate towels in the USA. First we have same problem like with the “Wash Pole”: If we run a production batch, we directly produce thousands of a kind. If we want to produce several colors, we have to make thousands EACH! Maybe when we are able to switch towel production completely to Germany we will be able to do so.

    Regarding the black color: We know what you are asking for. A black colored product for dirty use like on wheels. And we agree with the idea, but won’t produce a product in that color. Why? It’s the same why we made Dry Me Crazy in WHITE: In lighter colors you can see better any possible residue on the paint or wheels. If you are working in a really dirty area like wheels and have a black fabric, you won’t see any dirt into the towel. So you have a high risk to rub dirt particles into the expensive wheels before rinsing the black fabric. So, we personally like the idea but we think its not 100% safe for use.

    For sure, we could make a black towel for example for removing wax or polish, because there is no dirt coming off the paint where you should take care of. But in that case a black towel won`t make much sense in our point of view. Additional, such a strong color is always a risk in case of discoloration!

    23. Will the Yellow Fellow be made in 16x16 size in the future?

    Yes, within next production turn we will also offer a smaller 16x16” version. We actually cannot tell exactly when, but hopefully very soon!

    24. Have you considered an incredi-stick with MF fingers resembling the current trend on wheel brushes but small enough for cleaning exterior grills like what is found on VWs?

    Actually not, if you mean something like the “Detailing Sticks” of Lake Country? We had a “similar” idea in mind but as said in some of the past questions, a lot of ideas are actually not left our brains – so we will think about it! You are absolutely right; those grills are sometimes a nightmare…

    25. Detailing products are constantly evolving especially in the last 5 years, will there ever be a material that surpasses microfiber?

    Again an interesting question. But it’s the same if someone asks you “Which cars will we drive in 5-10 years, will they be driven by autopilot?” ;-) Nobody knows which inventions come on the market and which special fabrics are engineered by technicians. From our point of view, Microfiber is the material of the future – maybe there will be slight changes in production and finishing, but we believe Microfiber will be state of the art for a long time.

    26. In the manufacturing process, what is it that determines whether a towel is high-pile or not?

    This is very special and a very technical question. In fact, the production itself is not the “magic” in Microfiber. The magic is beyond when the produced fabric is specially treated to finalize the towel. There are also complicated chemical connections, which make a product different to another. There are so many complicated connections, hard to explain and also hard to produce! And finally we keep some background information as our secret ;-)

    27. Is there a certain characteristic you look for when researching fabric options?

    During the prototype development we can only target on softness of the fabric, which is basically the “hand test”. After we agree with this quality we try fabrics on several paints in different uses – if products work as requested and leave no scratches, the fabric is confirmed.

    For example we are currently TRY (!!!) to improve the existing Yellow Fellow. First results have been impressive, but if we used the new fabric on a wet surface it was poor. For sure we could say “Yellow Fellow” is a polishing towel, unimportant how it works on wet surface. But what happens if a customer MUST use it one time to remove water or something like that and it doesn’t work? So we re-think this fabric now again and see if the customizing process could be improved to make the wet use ability better. That’s what we said before: Its all about quality and usability.

    28. I have always wanted but after exhaustive searching have not found, high-pile, high-gsm purple bath (man) towels. Can you kindly make this happen please?

    Hehehe…. No, we never thought about this idea. Maybe we should? ;-) Really like the idea but some people don’t like the feeling of microfiber on wet skin. Could be a good brand name: “Microfiber Madness Bed & Bath Products” ☺

    29. Have you created (for yourself personally) Crazy Pile pillowcases or boxer shorts? Your secret is safe with us! ☺

    Hahaha, you guys are crazy! And NO, we didn’t. Honestly! But we also like the idea behind and are very happy that the customers worldwide have ideas like you referring to our products! ☺

    Thomas, Thanks again for your time answering our questions and for all your efforts in creating these products for detailers worldwide! For those that detail to live or live to detail we truly appreciate quality products.

    We have to be thankful to have the chance for this question & answer story! We really appreciate that we have such a great success in your country with so many car crazy people.

    We are just a small family owned company who made the dream come true to create products we want to use and make other people happy with the quality and usability.

    We absolutely know that there are many choices out there in the market and that there are many cheaper choices worldwide. But we strongly believe in our idea, in our products, and in our company ethics, and we are thankful for every customer who buys and likes our products and honors our ideals!

    Thank you guys, you are crazy!!! We will visit you soon over there! ☺

    Best wishes from Germany out to all of you. Have nice holidays and a nice, peaceful Christmas with your family and loved ones.

    Founder and CEO of Microfiber Madness Brand
    Comments 16 Comments
    1. PerfA_ZN0W's Avatar
      PerfA_ZN0W -
      Another incredible interview, Carlos! This has the bones of real journalism, while proving an entertaining read
    1. Cooter's Avatar
      Cooter -
      Great job Corey!!! Great, great interview and questions!!
    1. CEE DOG's Avatar
      CEE DOG -
      Thanks to Carlos for this amazing new setup, features, and idea and to all in the community for the interview questions with Thomas of Microfiber Madness! And a huge thanks to Thomas for taking the time!

      I had the pleasure of meeting up with them at Sema as well as getting to know Thomas over the past 10 months and seriously words don't do justice my opinion of what drives the decisions they make. Quality, innovation, ethics, honesty, and passion define them in my humble opinion and experience.

      Btw, pretty cool Thomas shared the exclusive on a new product here at L2D

      Answer #27 is interesting to me (as are most) currently I use the yellow fellow to wipe off polish but also use this towel for Eraser wipe and it works great - so his mention of making sure any updated YF continues to have that absorbency is good news to me.
    1. CEE DOG's Avatar
      CEE DOG -
      For you guys on tapatalk (thats usually me to), pull out the pc or mac so you can see these interviews when they get posted.
      First Menzerna and now Madness - great stuff from both
    1. Dr Oldz's Avatar
      Dr Oldz -
      Very cool interview!! Great read.
    1. swanicyouth's Avatar
      swanicyouth -
      Quote Originally Posted by CEE DOG View Post
      For you guys on tapatalk (thats usually me to), pull out the pc or mac so you can see these interviews when they get posted.
      First Menzerna and now Madness - great stuff from both
      Thanks for this. I thought I was crazy because I couldn't see it. I missed the last interview as well because I couldn't see it. I'll check it out on my Mac.
    1. diesel x's Avatar
      diesel x -
      Great interview and it was entertaining. Thanks Carlos for taking the time to do this.
    1. Radarryan's Avatar
      Radarryan -
      Thank you for this interview! The questions were superb, and I was glad to see the in-depth answers provided by Thomas. He seems like a great guy and I am so happy we are able to get his products through Corey. Down side: now I have to buy a bunch of Summit 800s for WWs and QDs, the Incredipad when it comes out (and I just bought a new Incredimitt), and the 16 x 16 Yellow Fellow (who hasn't been waiting for this!?)
    1. Old Tiger's Avatar
      Old Tiger -
      This was an amazing read! Thanks for all who made it happen! Thank you Steve, I would have never known to look for it!
    1. Carlos's Avatar
      Carlos -
      Glad you guys enjoyed it and this particular interview was done thanks to CEE DOG. It was his connection with Microfiber Madness that made this happen. That's the beauty of the Board of Directors we all bring a little something to the table.

      Having said that, I'll be looking into the Need2Know section into the Tapatalk capabilities. I honestly never though about that and because these features are customized I honestly don't know if it's even possible to incorporate these custom features into Tapatalk. But I'll ask either way.

      Mean wile I as well as the rest of the Board we will do our best to spread the work. Such is I'm Facebook, twitter, chat box within L2D and most importantly at the home page on the left panel.
    1. 911fanatic's Avatar
      911fanatic -
      Awesome interview. I'm off to cut up a few Crazy Piles to make a pair of boxer shorts!
    1. optntdr13's Avatar
      optntdr13 -
      Incredible, amazing, stupendous and exhilarating interview. My first posts on L2D and they even liked my man towel question

      Thanks a million,

      Daryan Lenz, CFP, RIA, CEO
      Lenz Integrity Financial Group
    1. DaC's Avatar
      DaC -
      Now this was a great interview! Really informative and much info I was looking for about these.... I can't wait to shortly have these towels here, right when 2014 steps in.
    1. Jaddie's Avatar
      Jaddie -
      Dear Carlos

      Thanks a bunch for including my question!

      I just ordered the two drying towels from Corey today.

      — Jaddie
    1. Toxix's Avatar
      Toxix -
      Solid interview, I should look into ordering their Incredipad and see if they're better than my Griot's Garage Microfiber Wash Pads!
    1. richy's Avatar
      richy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Toxix View Post
      Solid interview, I should look into ordering their Incredipad and see if they're better than my Griot's Garage Microfiber Wash Pads!
      I have both and prefer the incredimitt fwiw.

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