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    L2D Interview Scholl Concepts

    Created by Published on 07-25-2014 03:34 PM

    This is the third interview that L2D has preformed and it's none other then Scholl Concepts, hopefully all of you enjoy the interview and a huge thank you to the Board of Directors for getting this one.

    Hallo Frank, ich danke Ihnen und Ihrem Team Chemiker so viel für die Zeit nehmen, unsere Fragen für die Leser des Live2Detail beantworten!

    1. When did Scholl Concepts begin creating car care products?
    SCHOLL Concepts was founded in 1962 by Roland Scholl, who was trading car care products and is still does to this date. In the mid-1990s, Frank Scholl, who is managing the company in the second generation, started out creating and developing polishes and pads for the OEM-Industry in cooperation with our previous partner and supplier.
    In 2002, Frank decided to manufacture his own polishes. Two years later we produced our first batch of polish in our manufacturing plant in Remseck Germany. The manufacturing of our own polishing pads started in 2007 and CareCare products followed at the same time.
    We believe there is no other manufacturer worldwide offering holistic concepts, consisting of polishing pads, rubbing compounds and polishes, in such a dazzling diversity and at this ambitious level.

    2. What inspired you to step into this field and did you spend time in another field before beginning Scholl Concepts? If so, what field?
    Frank studied economics and it was clear to him to enter his fathers company. Frank was 4 years old when his father took him on the road to demonstrate the SCHOLL Super-Creme (our first polish). While other kids where spending time at the playground, Frank was watching his father polishing used cars in front of customers. Frank is a polish-maniac and he always wanted to know more about polishing applications, the ingredients of polishes etc. Over all these years, he gained the knowledge and experience he has today 

    3. What product is your proudest achievement to date? I know it must be hard to choose a favorite child! You can choose a favorite chemical and a favorite pad if it helps 
    Our proudest achievement is our highly efficient 1-Step Compound S3 GOLD and the innovative Sandwich-SpiderPad, that combines the advantages of a wool and foam pad!
    Our new S20 black will hopefully be the next rising star, followed by our innovative NEO Polymer Protection.
    Both products are fascinating as they have the power to change the detailing world. As per Frank’s vision, these two new products are revolutionary … we will see if he is right!

    4. How many years into the business did you realize it was a certain success?
    When the acceptance and feedback from the OEM-Industry received was very positive, a definite sign that we are on the right track.

    5. In our research we found you opened an additional manufacturing facility specifically for polishing pads a few years ago. It’s a hard question but what are some of the qualities that make your pads different from others? If they are superior in your belief then why?
    In 2007, we opened our pad manufacturing facility that enables us to design and to produce a diverse range of high-tech, top quality polishing pads. Our daily production is up to 10000 pads in a flawless quality.
    It is important to know that the result of the polishing process depends on the right quality and handling of the pad. The pad makes the difference – it affects the application by more than 30%! This made us go new ways in developing the next generation of polishing pads, like the Sandwich-SpiderPad. The shape and design of our pads distinguish themselves in the market. The significant and elaborate stamping is an unmistakable and visual brand recognition feature and “seal of quality”. In addition,
    Our most demanding clients are our OEM customers (car manufacturers).
    They expect the best possible price/performance ratio of our products. Our capability to quickly respond to and realize customer requirements in combination with our application specialists’ drive for perfection, have given SCHOLL Concepts the reputation of being a creative and reliable partner in the paint processing industry.

    6. What makes “intelligent Power Technology (iPT) abrasives” different from/ superior to “diminishing abrasives”?
    A compound contains millions of powder grains. Each grain in turn contains thousands of tiny polishing granules, similar to a bunch of grapes. Through polishing and the pressure exerted on the grain, the tiny, hard micro grains wear away and grind the polishing grain. So, the large grains clean the paint’s surface, and – as the grains become smaller during the polishing process - the powder becomes less of a cleaner but more of a polishing agent.
    Thanks to the innovative iPT Technology, scratches AND swirl marks in the clear coat can be removed sustainably while creating a long-lasting, physical mirror gloss finish!

    7. How large is Scholl Concepts as far as space, employees, or any info you care to share on this?
    At the moment, 65 people are working for SCHOLL Concepts (including freelancers like graphic designers etc.).
    One of our goals is to replicate the success we have in Europe to other markets, like the US, Asia etc. Our positive sales development over the last few years enabled us to invest heavily into our infrastructure and marketing.

    8. Do any of your abrasive polishes contain any type of durable filler that is not easily removed with an IPA based product?
    No, this is not our philosophy!

    9. Many of us in the USA use coatings now and removing all lubricants and oils is of the utmost importance.

    Is the lubricant you use in S2, S3 Gold, S17, S30, and S40 the same? If not can you expand on which use a similar lubricant?
    No, we always use different lubricants depending on the composition of the polish. We adapt and customize our products to customer demands in conjunction to the specific market needs, requirements and regulations.

    10. Are the abrasives in S3 through S40 the same size but in larger concentrations? OR are they different sizes of abrasives in the various polishes?
    We use a wide variety of abrasives for our polishes. It is a science in its own to find the best aluminum oxide! But you are right – there are many polish manufacturers doing that. They just have one powder for all of their compounds.
    You can be sure that we always have the best powder for each application.

    11. If you know the answer…. is the wool used in wool pads retrieved by shearing wool without killing the animal?
    The animals are not being killed for shearing the wool for our SOFTouch Topwool Pads. Absolutely, and anchored in the company’s philosophy in doing our do diligence in the selection process of raw materials and suppliers.

    12. What is the future of polishing technology as far as steps needed? With S3 Gold and SpiderPad it seems as though one step solution could not get any better. Do you envision any chance of a day when you could literally cut at 1000g and finish at the level of S40 with one product? We understand that’s an insane question with the amounts of clear coat being removed by the initial cut. So, even if the product could do it… the question I am thinking is how would you stop all of the paint residue jumping around under the pad from not introducing marring to the finish you are perfecting. Will it someday be possible to suspend this residue and finish out in one step from heavy compound. Is this where the “bottleneck” is at?
    Everybody is looking for S40 that can remove grit P1000.
    We guess we did a big step in this direction with our S3 GOLD and the Sandwich-SpiderPad.
    Our next milestone in 1-Step Compounds will be the new S20 BLACK for high performance detailing – outstanding swirl-free gloss (comparable to S30+ or S40) and heavy cut (P2000). The next generation of S20 BLACK will remove grit P1500. That’s what you can expect.
    Please watch our teaser on

    13. Related to #11 -Do the spiderpads work so well because the cuts in the foam allow the paint residue to hide instead of slapping against the paint? Can you explain some of what makes them work the way they do?
    The innovative Sandwich-SpiderPad combines the advantages of a wool pad and a foam pad: Increased absorption of the polishing compound due to the grooved foam surface, which enhances the cutting performance and yield of the compound. For a maximum performance, the reticulated foam is highly tear-resistant and hard at the beginning, but getting softer while polishing. It allows more air circulation due to its foam structure and helps to reduce the paint surface temperature.

    14. Why can USA based stores not sell S20 Blue?
    Unfortunately, the VOC regulations don’t allow us to bring this product the United States. But with our new S20 Black, we are able to ship a revolutionary Detailing Compound to the USA!

    15. Can your “Skin” product be used on analine and other leathers? Or should it be used on “finished leather” only?
    Skin is a natural care gel for all kinds of smooth leather.

    16. What is the durability of your W6+ paint sealant under daily driver conditions?
    Our tests show a durability of up to 4 months, depending on how the car is stored, washed and overall climate conditions. We recommend to refresh the sealing from time to time or – to ensure the protection – even after each car wash, e.g. by using a time-saving and easy-applicable Spray Wax like SW20.

    17. Does A15+ contain the same abrasives as S17+?
    Top Secret 

    18. What is the expected durability of A15+?
    Up to 3 months, if the car is not exposed to extreme weather. We always recommend car wash by hand to extend the protection time and to avoid micro scratches and swirl marks.

    19. Can you give us any exclusive news on upcoming products or anything exciting happening in the evolution of car care technology?
    As described above, we developed a new 1-Step Compound for Paint Detailing – S20 BLACK! High cut (up to P2000) with zero holograms & swirl marks on black surfaces! Be the first in line for news on !
    Also we like to mention NEO. However, we are not sure when this product can be offered to the US yet.

    20. What is your testing process on new products? Do you have detailers you have grown to know who test them before release along with your own employees?
    We are currently developing new products. In the first step, we polish the product on a black panel sheet and check the result under a Special California Light – the most fierce light!
    If it passes the test, we try to make little upgrades to make the polish even better and then test again…
    If the product meets - or even beats - our expectations, we send testing samples to a few objective, very experienced and ambitious detailers or painters, to ensure that the product really works for everyone – which can be really challenging, if you have to develop a compound that has to work on soft Asian Clear Coats, as well as under extreme climatic conditions like e.g. in Australia. Such feedback and reports are essential for to develop premium compounds like S3 Gold. Polishes have to perform on any kind of clear coat and any climatic conditions.

    21. How long does the testing process last on average?
    Hard to say – we are very ambitious and always try to get the best out of every powder. For example, the R&D process of the S3 GOLD for took us over 3 years. However, the development didn’t stop there and we have improved the S3 Gold version two times within the last 2 years. This is a constant process and we continuously improve our polishes – even if they are “just perfect”. To give you an idea: In average we develop about 1 new polish every month and improve about 2 formulations of existing compounds at the same time.
    Our R&D department is working in two shifts from 7 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Friday. Over 10% of our staff is working in this department. Therefore we are very quick in developing new compounds, polishes and waxes. The development of S20 black took us 4,5 years!

    22. How many tweaks do you generally make to a new product before release?
    I believe the two previous Q&A’s give a pretty clear picture about the process.

    23. After release to the market do you ever upgrade or slightly tweak a product without publishing the change to customers?
    The development of a product never stops. We always try to optimize our products and offer the very best to our customers.
    Upgraded products are always characterized by a modified name (like S17 – S17+) or an additional label saying “Edition 2014” or “new formula”.
    Please refer to the example of S3 Gold (your question 21)

    24. If a product is made specific to a certain application, how much do you test it in ways its not intended to be used? OR do you count on the ability of your communication with customers to direct them on exactly how to use a product?
    In principal, the ingredients of a specific formula, respectively product determine on what surfaces the product can be used or not.

    All of our products are outfitted with detailed labels that include all necessary information like application and safety instructions.

    Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihre Zeit. Wir schätzen den Stolz, den Sie in hochwertige Produkte zu haben und wünsche Ihnen in Zukunft Kreationen!
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    1. MelF1fan's Avatar
      MelF1fan -
      Carlos, thanks for sharing this! - Another great interview. Scholl Concepts definitely seem to be on their game.

      I've only tried S3 Gold but it's great stuff. I hope to pick up some Spider pads and definitely can't wait for the S20 Black to come out and try it.
    1. RMD's Avatar
      RMD -
      I just bought a range of scholls polishes and pads to try out, and I am very impressed. I got better results from S3 and spider pads than I did with WG Uber on hard paint. Love this stuff. Foam pads are great too, but a tad expensive. Get what you pay for I guess.
    1. CEE DOG's Avatar
      CEE DOG -
      Great work L2D!!! Excellent interview as well!!
    1. zoomzoom mazda5's Avatar
      zoomzoom mazda5 -
      I got to meet Frank when he visit us at CMA in Tampa about 4 yrs ago.. He is a awesome person to meet and show us his products that when not even on the market yet and we were blown away by how they work.

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