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Forum Rules and Etiquette

No Spamming

Pointless Annoying threads promoting Viagra, movies, shoes, hand bags ect Pretty self-explanatory, anything deemed as spam will be deleted and the original author will be permanently banned with out notice.

No Advertising

  • There is no advertising in anyway, shape, or form. That means making a thread, more specifically making a thread and the title advertising a detailing company. Example: Divine Detail 2010 Nissan GTR where Divine Detail is a detailing company name. This is deemed advertising and the title should read as follows, 2010 Nissan GTR or User name detailed 2010 Nissan GTR. Threads deemed as advertising will be edited and a warning will be issued via Private Message.
  • posting links to your site(s), or posting pictures with the intentions of promoting your own company name or banner are considered advertising.
  • Sharing/discussing other forums is not a crime however, blatant advertising or repeated bumping of posts with a web address within will not be tolerated.
  • Any advertising with commercial links to any other business can be deleted with out notice. Please do not advertise your own business with out prior consent from site owner.
  • Accidental or unintentional advertising will also be removed this includes “How much do you charge to detail” or “Help me with setting up charging rate” this includes posting pictures of company vehicles within threads, watermarked pictures with company logo and pictures of people wearing company logo’s in clothing.
  • If you have a question whether or not you think you may be advertising, it’s strongly recommended you ask a staff member first rather then beg for forgiveness later.


Refrain from using company names as a user name this includes company initials. User names deemed a company name will be modified/altered and a notification will be sent via Private Message. User names can only be changed under special circumstances meaning, your user name will not be changed just because you feel like a change. Members wishing to have their user name changed must contact a staff member and state their reason for the change.


Avatars are subject to the following size (Enter maximum size). Refrain from using company logo, company name or company initials as an avatar. Avatars deemed promoting a company will be removed and a notification will be sent via Private Message.

No bad language

Watch the language, do not use any foul or crude language. Foul language will not be tolerated. We are all human beings, capable of communicating with one another and it’s expected that all members treat each other with respect at all times. Failure to do so will lead to harsh punishment.

No Stealing

Please no fighting, if you are fighting or insulting another member, you will be dealt with harshly. It doesn’t matter who started the fight or who’s at fault, both parties will be dealt with and both will be punished as we see fit. We strongly encourage the traditional Good Samaritan method and that is turning the other cheek and let the appropriate authorities deal with such childish behavior. Members should not tolerate such childish behavior however, members don’t have the right to reprimand other members. We are not here to baby sit therefore such childish behavior will not be tolerated at all!

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