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    Default Wheels and Tires Dialed in

    I did not have time to do the whole Jeep this weekend so I decided to tackle the wheels and tires.

    Dry tires spot cleaned with Tarminator to remove grease pen marks. Worked reasonably well but not perfectly.
    Tires were cleaned with TAW
    Scrubbed with a stiff brush and rinsed
    Wheels were cleaned with SOnax FE
    Tools used were :

    Wheel Wollies all sizes
    MF wash pad for faces
    Uber wheel brush for lugs

    Wheels were rinsed and dried with 4HP MetroVac Blower

    Micro Marring on Wheels were polished with :
    GG 3" and a mint uber pad and M205

    Wheels were wiped down with 15% IPA and Distilled Water.

    Gyeon Tire on Tires
    Optimum GLoss Coat on Wheels

    Before Clean Up

    Final Result after Polishing and 2 coats of Gyeon Tire and 2 costs of Gloss Coat


    The GG 3" Machine is not a very effective polisher and it took me a ton of time to get the slightest Micro Marring out. I tried the larger GG with 5.5 pads but I was too big. I did some tight spot by hand and I can assure you, its no fun at all. Need to find a better solution. I have never polished wheels before. But it made a big difference on the black painted areas. Tape was used to keep from marring the side of the wheel (90 degree) with the side of the pad while polishing. Polishing of the wheels took me a very, very, very long time. I wish there was a factory option for all silver wheels, the black is a PITA and I am super glad I did not order the all black version of these wheels for sure. I think it paid off, because the wheels really pop now. Not sure if you can see it in the pictures but in person, its a noticeable improvement.

    Gloss Coat is very easy to use, much easier than OC 2.0.

    Gyeon Tire smells like candy and spreads easily. A little goes a long way. I usually knock down the 2nd coat with a MF to remove some gloss but the Gyeon tire has a nice silky, matte shine that I liked so I left is alone. I have been using GTECH T1 and I will let you know about durability in a week or so.

    My hats off to the pro's who knock out full cars day after day. I am toast after a day of wheels and tires.
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    Those wheels are niice!



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